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Rasmussen Reports and Ken Buck

On Wednesday, June 9, I was summoned to Jury Duty in Greeley, CO.  During the five minute walk to the Court Room I fell into conversation with a criminal lawyer also summoned.   We discussed the GOP race for the U.S. Senate nomination and Ken Buck’s campaign.   This attorney, who seemed rather neutral on the race, said he was amazed at how well the lesser known Mr. Buck was doing statewide and what a good campaign he was running.   This is born out by polling results matching Ken with Democrats Michael Bennet and Andrew Romanoff.

Michael Barone is senior political analyst for The Washington Examiner  and author of The Almanac of American Politics.   He wrote this book after visiting every Congressional District in the country.   Barone writes from a conservative perspective.    Moderate Larry Sabato is a professor and an author at the U. of VA.  He is considered to be the most quoted college professor in the land when it comes to political analysis and election projections.   Liberal Susan Estrich ran the 1988 Presidential campaign of Mike Dukakis as a young attorney from MA.  

Michael Barone says that the best place to look for polls that are spot on is the Rasmussen Reports.   According to Sabato Rasmussen produces some of the most accurate and reliable polling in the country.   Susan Estrich writes that if persons wish to know what the American people think there is not a better place to check than with Rasmussen.

And what does the dean of American pollsters say about the Republicans seeking to run against either of the Democrats for the U.S. Senate from CO in 2010?   Ken Buck out polls Jane Norton in match ups with either Michael Bennett or Andrew Romanoff.   He leads Romanoff 45-39 and Bennet 46-41.   How does it happen that the lesser known and lesser funded candidate relative to Jane Norton leads her in the race?

I was a graduate student at the University of Colorado in Boulder in the late 1960’s.   Establishment thinking was out of step then as it is now.    Jane Norton is the Establishment.   She was on the sidelines until urged to run by John McCain.  Ken Buck did not wait for the Establishment to speak before entering the race.  He was out in the state while others were putting on their shoes.   But this is only part of the story.

Former advisor to President Jack Kennedy, Richard Goodwin, writes in his book, Remembering America,  “No one outworked or outlasted Lyndon Johnson.”    He says that no matter how late he left his work the lights were still burning in the Johnson office.   This is true of Ken Buck.   He has visited all 64 counties, many more than once.   His calendar takes him to one place in the morning, another at noon, still another in the evening and a place far removed the next day.  No place in CO has been too remote for his attention.  

I asked him in November of 09 after an address to some friends of mine if he had a driver.   He answered, “No.  I economize wherever I can including doing my own driving.”   In a day of more technological gadgets than one can keep abreast of there is still no substitute for old fashioned shoe leather and “pressing the flesh” of voters as President Johnson was fond of saying.   

We live in a time when our Washington Establishment pols speak of cutting back but continue to spend us into oblivion.   Our President says there must be more austerity but he flies Air Force One as if it is his personal toy.  Former Vice President, Al Gore, Mr. Global Warming, recently purchased a 6,500 square foot gated mansion in Montecito, CA which features 5 bedrooms, 9 baths, a spa, and a swimming pool with ocean view for 8.8 million dollars.   Now there is a carbon foot print worthy of “you all cut back,” Al Gore.   Reminds one of Soviet bosses living like kings while the populace grieviously suffered.

How refreshing to find a candidate and leader like Ken Buck who actually lives his call to reduce spending and who walks his talk.     If we elect persons like this we can yet renew our nation and our children will rise up to thank us.   If not, we will remain on a Potemkin path to our own destruction and what Ronald Reagan once said would be a thousand years of darkness.  But this does not have to be the case.   

Sometimes the man and the moment meet and destiny lends a hand.   Don’t let this moment pass.    Join us in supporting this man in this moment with our own shoe leather, our own purse, our own prayers, our own person.