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Hope in the Midst of Bleakness

My wife and I spent the summer of 1974 in inner-city Chicago.   We worked with youth from Cabrini Green, the infamous housing project, and with the Latin Community, and poor whites from Appalachia who had come to Chicago seeking a better life.   It was an exciting, dangerous June, July and August that I would not exchange for much of anything.   One Saturday we worshipped at Operation PUSH where a young Jesse Jackson had basically a Conservative message–learn, don’t burn;  if you father a child, be a father to that child (turned out Jesse did not follow this himself but the message is sound), lead don’t bleed.   Bill Cosby could have delivered that sermon.   But then Rev. Jackson made the mistake of running for President as a Democrat and those values went away.

The original Richard Daley was mayor then.   He was a thug.   We went to a City Council meeting.  Da Mayor had a switch that controlled each alderman’s microphone.   If Daley did not like what someone was saying he shut their mike off.   He was a thug.  He looked to be a man who could have played defensive tackle for the Chicago Bears who would have been constantly flagged for unnecessary roughness.   He was a thug.   BUT, “Chicago, the City that Works,” was not just a slogan.   Mike Royko, columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, called the Mayor “Boss” and he was Boss.   But he was competent.   And the city did run.

Barack Obama, though soft spoken and polished, comes out of that tradition.   His chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel, fits the Daley mold.   He is a thug.   But this bunch is not competent.   They have never run anything but their mouths.   This is the gang that cannot shoot straight.   If one were just in from Mars and wanted to know how our system works, we could tell the inter-planetary traveler to observe this crowd, do the opposite and they would come out ahead.   Or have the Martian read about Ronald Reagan as President and follow that model instead.

Mike Huckabee said recently of the oil crisis:    “Say what you will about Bill Clinton, he knew how to manage.   If the oil spill had happened on his watch he would have had his crisis management team in place from day one, oil capturing ships would have been there ASAP, and there would be a fine tuned delegation of responsibility.”   But Bill Clinton had been a governor.   Bill Clinton had run things.  We are a nation in crisis and no one appears to be in charge.  This seems to be Jimmy Carter Redux at a very dangerous time.   Competence is not a word that comes to mind when one speaks of Barack Obama.   Whatever the failings of Bill Clinton (and there were many) he had some success as President and one did not live under his leadership without a sense of hope.   Right now we are not a people with a sense of hope. 

What should be done?   When we cannot believe in the future, then LET US BELIEVE THE FUTURE IN!!   How do we do that?   First, let us recommit ourselves to great truths.   We are to be “One Nation Under God.”    We are “Endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights.”   And among these are “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”   And let us not allow a mere president to rob us of the idea that God raised us up as an exceptional nation.  

We see God at work in persons He has raised up like Sarah Palin, Ken Buck, Bill Brady,  and a host of others.   One common denominator is that these are people of faith who did not sit under the leadership of a bigoted, hateful preacher in Chicago for twenty years.   Let us support people of faith who honor a National Day of Prayer.  Finally let us have the steel in our backbones that our Founders had.   Men and women who offered their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor for the idea that persons should live free.   Let us be inspired be them anew.

During WWII the navy tested a new submarine off the coast of New Hampshire.   Not yet named it was called the S-4.   I don’t know what they do to make a submarine submerge but they did it.   They ran several tests and they were ready to come up.   I don’t know what they do to make a submarine surface but they did it–and it didn’t work.   For several hours the navy sought to negotiate a rescue but nothing would work.   Finally someone said, “There is an old diver here that knows these waters like no one else.   The boat is not that deep.   Let’s ask if he will go down.”

The old diver said he would do it.  So they lowered him down to the submarine.   For what seemed a long time he went back and forth and around the stricken vessel.   There was nothing he could do and he was about to signal the men above to bring him up when he heard a tapping coming from deep inside the sub.  It was the ship’s wireless man who was tapping out I S   T H E R E  
A N Y   H O P E?   The old diver knew telegraphy and he took out his mallet and hammered out a J and an E and an S and a U and an S and a C  H  R  I  S  T.

That is the only hope the old man knew.   That is only hope I know also.   And in Him we can BELIEVE THE FUTURE IN!!