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Obama and the Duke

Noemie Emery, a gifted Contributing Editor to The Weekly Standard, has an interesting feature in the August 30/September 6 issue.  She makes the case that President Obama more resembles the Mike Dukakis Presidency that never was than President Jimmy Carter to whom Obama is most often likened.    There is even a photo of Obama substituting for Dukakis in a tank.   Those over 30 may recall the ridiculous scene of Michael Dukakis  trying to appear tough by being filmed in a military tank during the 1988 Presidential campaign against George H.W. Bush.   Bush 41 was a W.W. II pilot.   Dukakis, like most Leftist Democrats, did not care for the military so he put on this facade.   But he looked more like Beetle Bailey than George Patton and essentially lost the election that day.   Nothing more quickly ends a chance to win a race than being a self made buffoon.

Emery says the Dukakis/Obama connection begins with their both being Harvard trained liberals who have no sense of the country beyond this narrow confine.   Both essentially declared war on our culture.   With Obama it began in the spring of 2008 when he spoke on the Left Coast about bitter clingers to guns and religion.   The Senator did not know he was on tape and there was a day when that would have been his Dukakis in the tank moment.   In the summer of 2009 the President went further when he said the Cambridge police “acted stupidly” in the arrest of Obama friend, Skip Gates.   Now he supports the mosque a stone’s throw from Ground Zero. 

Michael Dukakis started a war with culture as Governor of MA in 1976 when he gave unsupervised furloughs to prisoners serving life without parole.   This led to the murderous thug, Willie Horton, being furloughed to wreak more havoc on society.     It was a major part of the 1988 campaign with Dukakis appearing as a soft on crime liberal.   Because George Bush 41 has been so criticized for employing Willie Horton during the campaign, let the record show that this issue was first raised by Al Gore who ran against Dukakis in the 1988 Democrat primaries.    Dukakis, known to friends as The Duke,  went on as governor to veto a bill that would have required teachers to lead their students in the Pledge of Allegiance.    The Pledge  became another issue that made Dukakis appear outside the mainstream and too far Left.

Ross Douthat of The New York Times addresses some of the differences between liberals and conservatives by calling it first America and second America.   Rush Limbaugh calls it the difference between Ruling Class and Country Class.  According to Douthat first America (his kind of people) “make finer sounding speeches” while second America (not his kind) strike “cruder, more xenophobic notes.”    First America is made up of sophisticated, secular suburban couples.    Second America is filled with crazed NASCAR retards.  Noemie Emery takes off on this and calls for other comparisons.   First America is full of itself.  Second America is not.   First America thinks Newseek helps keep the culture from darkness.    Second America knows exactly why it sold for 1.00.   First America thinks Imams should be coddled and the mosque belongs at Ground Zero.   Second America knows a threat and an insult when it encounters one.

First America was ready to elect Michael Dukakis.    Second America knew better.    Ed Rollins, advisor to President Reagan, used to say that Democrats keep losing because they think they nominated the wrong liberal so they keep coming back with what they hope is the right liberal.     Finally they wised up and trotted out liberals disguised as moderates.   I give you Bill Clinton.    With Barack Obama we got an on the one hand, on the other hand kind of candidate who turns out to be strictly Left handed.    By every sign second America and some of first has awakened to what we have and will begin to correct on November 2, with the election of Ken Buck and Cory Gardner here in CO, Bill Brady in IL and Marco Rubio in FL.  And all this to be continued November 6, 2012 with the ouster of Barack Dukakis Obama.



Rush Limbaugh on Ken Buck

Rush Limbaugh devoted a good share of his program on Monday, July 19 to an American Spectator article entitled “America’s Ruling Class–And the Perils of Revolution” by Angelo M. Codevilla.   Codevilla makes the case that, while there has always been an American elite, wealthier and more powerful than others, never before has this class been so predictably of one mind.   Never has there been so little diversity within America’s upper crust. 

Further, the professor at Boston University, says that this desire to be part of the ruling class effects Republicans as well as the Far Left.  Rush added that this is one of the reasons that Trent Lott and Lindsey Graham and some other GOP members are so critical of the Tea Party.   Grassroots efforts such as this are a threat to the Republican upper crust as well as Democrat elites.   So it can be argued that such Republicans have more in common with Dodd and Durbin than they do with their constituents.   Thus we see the reluctance of such Senators and former leaders to oppose Obama nominees for the Supreme Court.   They are already in or wish to be in the ruling class.

How did this homogeneity evolve among the ruling class?   Pseudo-conservatives like David Brooks say it is because modern society has become so complex that only a few have the technical skills to run things today.  What a joke!   What tripe!   Barack Obama has never run anything and is now running our land into the ground.   Unless one counts ability to read a teleprompter as a technical skill the President is a total novice.   He is surrounded by persons similarly uninitiated to real life experience.
Unlike Brooks, Codevilla offers a solid answer as to how we reached such a sameness among the elites–they have all arrived because their careers and fortunes depend upon government.   We could add government out of control.   But sooner or later the professor says this will be corrected because the majority will not be ruled by such a minority.    Later is now sooner and the November elections are just a season away.   Yesterday we sent our mail-in ballots in the GOP primary for men like Ken Buck, nuanced and more intelligent than the Ruling Class.   

And, on Monday, July 19, Rush Limbaugh in the context of Ruling Class, Country Class described himself as the latter and mentioned Ken Buck as representing a similar grassroots movement as opposed to his opponent, Jane Norton.  The timing of Rush’s comments is very interesting as on Sunday, July 18,  The Denver Post endorsed Jane Norton over Ken Buck.  Let us see.  The  Post  has a circulation of 704,000 on Sundays and readership is dropping.   Rush’s audience is 20 million per week and  growing.   Which endorsement would you prefer?

The endorsement of Jane Norton by The Denver Post is disappointing but predictable.   The Establishment press is endorsing the Establishment candidate.   And the Establishment is suspect now as it was in the 1960’s.    But today the upstarts are not playing banjos and wearing blankets, beads, buckskins and bandanas.   And they are not interested in dropping out but in taking charge.   They are the Country Class.   Meanwhile, we have a Ruling Class, elitist President, comically arrogant who got where he is by suckling on the government.    And the mammary glands of government are not big enough to support him and his programs and his motley crew of Reid, Pelosi, Dodd, Durbin and Frank.

There is something else about this Country Class, Tea Party, grassroots movement.    They are smart, wise, and often more experienced than the elite, Ruling Class.   In Obama’s case this does not take much.   Beyond that they do not care what the old line Press thinks of them.    They are secure with who they are and what they have done.   They know what they wish to do.  Ken Buck fits this mold.  This is one of the reasons why Sarah Palin is so hated by elites as was the late North Carolina Senator, Jesse Helms before her.   They care not a whit what the Ruling Class writes and says about them.   The elites, accustomed to persons catering to them, naturally resent this.  

Ronald Reagan laughed at them also which is one of the reasons he was called an amicable dunce.   And this giant left them in his rear view mirror.    Polls for Obama and his Party indicate that the Country Class is about to do the same thing again.

General George Patton said, as he addressed his troops, “I actually feel sorry for the enemy and what we are going to do to them. I really do”  There is something to be pitied about an elite press which lives in the past, which does not realize it has been passed by.   It is like a high school athlete who cannot deal with the fact that his glory days are behind him.   But pathetic or not, the defeat of the Ruling Class and the aging institutions that prop it up cannot come soon enough.