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Oil, Obama and Ethics

Aristotle said that only those who have been well brought up can usefully study ethics.    To the corrupted man, the man who stands outside The Tao (The Guiding Principle), the very starting point of the science of ethics is invisible.  Aristotle could have been anticipating the current Administration.

The President finally, in the face of the BP oil spill, said, “The Buck Stops Here.”   But then he retreated to form and blamed it on the past 8 years of Bush/Cheney.   Obama said, “I take responsibility,” and then trots out Attorney General Eric Holder to say there will be a criminal investigation of British Petroleum.   An investigation is in order but with Holder/Obama this means a crime will be found and charges filed.   The Heritage Foundation wrote about the chill of this in the MorningBell, June 3.   They quoted Josef Stalin’s top cop, Lavrenia Beria who said, “Show me the man and I’ll find the crime.”   Hardly justice.

In reality Obama does not know what to do in a crisis other than blame Bush and find a crime.   This is partly diversion but it will not work.   He has now been President just shy of 1 1/2 years and owns policy and results or lack thereof.   Persons are beginning to say rather openly that this stumbling is beginning to resemble the totally hapless Jimmy Carter.    The Dean of Washington journalists, David Broder, wrote about this.   That gives permission to others to follow suit and quote Broder.   A nation groans under a rudderless ship.

None of this is to say that Obama is responsible for the oil leak in the Gulf but it does tell us about a man in a crisis.   Does he stand tall or go on vacation?   Is he involved or does he have Sir Paul, the aging Beatle, come in for entertainment and more trashing of President George W. Bush?

What might the President have done?   Listen to a true leader like Bobby Jindal who asked for clean up equipment and waivers to construct barrier reefs to keep more of the oil away from the coastal waters.   The Administration and the Environmentalists stalled until finally the President was forced to act by the weight of the crisis and the TV photos of the destruction of estuaries and the fishing and tourist industries.    Of course, Jindal is a young Republican.   We would not want him demonstrating leadership would we?

Winston Churchill said to our leaders involved in Lend-Lease before American entry into W.W.II, “Give us the goods and we will bring home the victory.”   Governor Jindal was saying to D.C., “Give us the equipment and we will spare the destruction of our coast.”    No soap.

When Ronald Reagan became President on January 20, 1981,  there was an immediate feeling that someone was in charge again.   The nation took on a whole new tone of confidence.    He was joined by young Republican talent in the House and Senate.   This can happen again in 2010 and 2012.   

It was our privilege to meet Bill Brady, now the GOP nominee for governor of IL back in 2006.   Marco Rubio in FL has driven the Establishment’s Charlie Crist into the camp of the Independents.    Here in CO, Ken Buck took 77% of the votes at the state Republican Assembly while Establishment Norton petitioned on to the ballot.   And Mr. Buck is not afraid to criticize fellow Republicans for too much spending and arrogance in office.   On the House side several attractive local Republicans are vying to run against our Democrat Representative, Markey.   Also known as Cap N Tax Betsy, she voted for Obamacare as well.   These votes alone should banish her to oblivion in 2010.

We all have a stake here and responsibility.    Let us stay informed.   Be prepared to tell persons why we are voting Conservative.   Telephone others on behalf of our candidates.  See persons to the primaries and the polls.  Let us also remember that we are a nation “under God” and that He is a great Ally.   Someone has said, “One plus God is a majority.”   One Party seems to have largely abandoned moral standards;   the other at least gives a nod to God.   But Conservatives truly understand that our freedom is rooted in our faith.   They understand the Guiding Principles of Ethics.  May their tribe increase in the nation’s capital as well as closer to home.