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Those Dodging Democrats

The second definition of dodging in Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary is “to evade a responsibility or duty esp. by trickery or deceit.”   It is interesting, and sadly predictable, that the Denver Post endorsed Michael Bennet for U.S. Senate from CO.  This is the same Post that said Mr. Rubberstamp was running an insulting, brazenly misleading, deceptive campaign,a campaign that is dodging the facts.  Yessiree!  That is just who I would endorse–if I ran a paper that was as big a dodge as the Democrats are.

The Post endorsement says that Ken Buck “likely would be an automatic Republican vote.”   Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader, would dare to dream that.   The paper apparently has missed the fact that Buck has repeatedly said that the GOP is as much to blame as the Dems for the mess we are in and that he will take the oath, not to the Republicans, but to the Constitution under God.

Then the Denver Post really becomes Comedy Central.   Listen to this:   “It would be difficult to endorse Sen. Michael Bennet on his record to date.”   Well, what else do we have to go on but his record to date?  Why do I feel that I am watching Alice in Wonderland rather than reading the largest newspaper in the state?   In that vein it gets curioser and curioser.  The  next line is, “But we know him (Mr. Rubberstamp) well”  Really?   “And we believe he will become one of Colorado’s–and the nation’s–best centrist U.S. senators.”

Right!  That is probably why Bennet rubberstamps the President’s Stimulus plan, cash for clunkers, and Obamacare.  Sure sounds moderate to me.   Barack Obama is the most radically Leftist President since Lyndon Johnson.  It was LBJ who began to raid Social Security funds leaving the program full of IOU’s.  Obama is a similar spread the wealth kind of guy except there is not as much wealth to spread around anymore–thanks to radicals like LBJ and now BHO.    And Bennet marches right along with this and The Denver Post calls our junior appointed senator a potential moderate.   Personally I prefer to live in the real world which is why I am supporting a true conservative, Ken Buck.  No dodger he. 

Newspapers are failing fast which I regret.  Fifty two years ago I delivered the now defunct Rocky Mountain News all over my Colorado home town.   I suspect the Denver Post’s strange, meandering, circuitous endorsement of Mr. Rubberstamp is systematic of the problem.   By the way there is further humor in the Post’s endorsements.   In the column below their 10/17 piece on Bennet/Buck they endorse Cory Gardner, R-Yuma, for the 4th District of CO.   Why?  Because Cory “has a better agenda. . .for these shaky economic times.   We hope to see Gardner take his message of fiscal discipline to Washington.”    Now isn’t that just dandy!   Bennet joins Barack in busting the bank and Cory is endorsed to ride in to rescue these shaky times.   Does the Denver Post Left Hand which endorses Rubberstamp Bennet have no contact with the Right Hand which endorses conservative Gardner?   Apparently not.

If newsapapers are failing there is a new media that is not.   FOX strides over the old media like a national giant  while CNN and MSNBC combined are dwarfed by the ratings of Fair, Balanced and Unafraid.   But do persons like Michael Bennet and Barbara Boxer appear on FOX?   Not on their political life.   No.  They reserve themselves for unfair, imbalanced , and fearful NBC and MSNBC.   But Ken Buck  appears on FOX with Chris Wallace and NBC with David Gregory.   Carly Fiorina also appeared on FOX with Chris Wallace.  In both cases Chris added, “We invited Michael Bennet but he declined.”   “We invited Barbara Boxer but she declined.”

I wonder why they dodge.   Because they fear the truth?   Because they do not wish to be confronted by facts?   Proverbs 28:1  says “The guilty flee where no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion.”   Carly Fiorina is bold as a lion.  Boxer flees and dodges.   And, as my wife has pointed out,  Carly Fiorina’s name almost spells Cali Fornia.   She is right for the time and her state.

Ken Buck is also bold like a lion.   Bennet flees and dodges.   Buck is a name right for a bold, Western state like Colorado.   No dodger he.   His stances remind one of Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan.   Let us as voters not be dodgers like Bennet and Boxer but bold as lions with votes for Carly and Cory and Ken. 



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