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Who Takes The Rap?

One thing readers can count upon is comic relief and predictability from the side line media–Network News, The New York Times, Washington Post, Time.   In 2008 these folks were breathlessly excited and spoke endlessly about the new maturity of the now enlightened American people.   Jonathon Last has a fine piece in the November 1 Weekly Standard entitled “Paradise Lost,” where he explores the old press two years ago and today as the GOP is poised for big gains.

Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post   wrote in November 2008 about the great and good American people.   We can all have “a new kind of pride in the American people.”   Today he says we are acting like a bunch of spoiled brats.  Joe Klein of Time was even more effusive in 2008.   He said that Barack Obama’s victory was a “breathtaking statement of American open-mindedness.”     Klein now has his breath back and writes that there is “something diseased about a society that idolizes its ignoramuses and disdains its experts.”    I wonder if Klein is too young or too dense to remember that it was the whiz kids like Robert McNamara who got us into Viet Nam and kept telling us it would work and a practical man like Ronald Reagan who got us out of the Cold War by saying of the Soviets, “We win, they lose,” and backing it up.

Then there is Frank Rich of The New York Times who wrote in 2008 that we were America the Beautiful    But now, according to Rich, there is “a level of rage coursing through our veins.”   Guess we are not so beautiful anymore.   All this points to the divide between what Rush Limbaugh calls the “Ruling Class versus the Country Class.”   We also saw this when we learned that George Bush had a higher IQ than John Kerry.   The Left had a nervous breakdown on that one.    David Gergen, so called moderate, worked for 5 Presidents beginning with Richard Nixon and ending with Bill Clinton.   Gergen says the smartest of the bunch, for all his personality flaws, was Richard Nixon.   But none of this matters to the side line Left who has their collective minds made up and do not wish to be confused by objective truth.

The central theme of Last’s piece is not only the unwitting, hapless Left wing comedians, entertaining as they are.   If Democrats blame America for defeat, and they do,  Republicans tend to turn on each other.  In 2008 Talk Radio blamed the RINO’s, Pro lifers blamed the elite blue blood Republicans and conservatives blamed the banks.

So Democrats blame rubes taken in by charlatans, middle America fundamentalist crazies.   Obama says it is “bitter clingers to guns and religion.”   Republicans think it is some branch of their family that they do not claim.    As Jack Kennedy liked to note, “Victory has many fathers but defeat is an orphan.”    Perhaps we could learn from the wisdom of Ralph Waldo Emerson who said:  “Every person I meet is superior to me in some way.”   We all have different gifts and graces.    If one has to choose who is responsible, I prefer those who at least know the buck stops with them rather than those who first praise and then blame the voters.  The voters are actually smarter than the left wing Press which is why the value of newspaper stocks is now lower than the price of the paper and why MSNBC and CNN have no watchers while FOX is a ratings behemoth.

In any case this appears to be a GOP year.    We can see it in the ads.   Here in CO Ken Buck is speaking about Mr. Rubberstamp, Michael Bennet, to be sure but also about what he plans to do when elected.   Mr. Rubberstamp cannot defend what he has done nor plans to do so he is reduced to seeking to frighten about what Mr. Buck might do.   Basically Mr. Rubberstamp reflects the lies and distortions of his Party.   Both the Denver Post and Colorado Springs Gazette  have stated that Bennet’s campaign and his ads have been full of deception and diversion.    Channel 9 asked Michael about this last Saturday night at the debate.    He denied being deceptive in his ads, of course,  but facts are stubborn things.

Vote Republican.  Vote for Ken Buck.   And let the old line Press blame us for the defeat of their Democrat buds.   No one is watching them anyway so their bluster is basically a circular firing squad spitting into an ever changing wind.   See you at the polls.