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The Two Faces of Michael Bennet

The Roman god, Janus, is of two faces and minds.   He is portrayed with one face looking ahead and his other face looking back.   The month of January is named for this god.   Our junior appointed Senator, Michael Bennet, is of this nature.

Michael Bennet, affectionately known in these parts as Rubberstamp Man, has a Washington D.C. face.    In the nation’s capitol he is Obama’s man through and through.    If Mr. President wants it,  Mr. Rubberstamp Man is there to vote for it.   The Stimulus.  Obamacare.  The Auto Bailout–really rescue of the United Auto Workers with bond holders left high and dry.  Cash for Clunkers.   Each of those cars cost Americans 24,000 dollars.   And one wonders if, like many mortgages, the people can pay for these cars.   Someone has said the one good thing about cash for clunkers is that it rid the nation of 600,000 Obama/Biden bumper stickers.   But, you name it.   Rubberstamp is there to vote Aye for all of Obama’s wishes.

And then there is Michael Bennet the humble representative of the people of the Centennial State.   With straight Colorado face he says of his Washington face, “I will not vote for one thing that is not paid for.”    Look at the paragraph above.   Not one of those programs is paid for.   I am surprised both of Bennet’s faces did not choke on that one.

Bennet’s other approach–in addition to deception about his own record–is to lie about and smear Ken Buck and his record.  The Denver Post  has on two occasions (September 11 and September 26) pointed out Bennet’s dark and alarmist and deceptive campaign with stinging words:   “Bennet knows better;”    “Bennet can do better.”    So can we by removing Obama’s Rubberstamp with a man who will stand with and for us at home.   This is not unique to Colorado.    Democrats across the land are smearing their GOP opponents.   Karl Rove has stated this in his columns and on FOX programs.    Says Rove, “The Democrats cannot run on their records which voters have overwhelmingly rejected.   So they attack and smear their opponents.    What else have they got.”    And the answer is nothing.

In contrast, Ken Buck  is standing on the Constitution and for the people of Colorado.  And he answers Bennet’s lies with the truth about Mr. Rubberstamp.    Nothing more angers an opponent with a sorry record than the light of truth.    Harry Truman said during the 1948 campaign:  “I just tell the truth on them and they think the truth is hell.”    Michael Bennet and the other Dems are not enjoying the 2010 campaign.   The truth is out on them and for they find it hellish. 

Friends, we must replace the Far Left in Congress this year with strong conservatives like Ken Buck.   Men and women proud to stand on their records and for the people.    But if we do not turn out the Far Left,  we are a nation bankrupt financially and morally.  As Ronald Reagan said,  “We change course or it is a thousand years of darkness.”

Which will it be?    Michael “Janus” Bennet, the Rubberstamp whose faces run off in all directions.   Or Ken Buck.   A man whose face is set like a flint on a true course worth sailing.   I vote the latter for my  children and grandchildren and a generation yet unborn.