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Darkness or Redemption?

Samuel Taylor Colderidge’s Ancient Mariner, Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim, and John Masefield’s Everlasting Mercy all carry a similar theme.   They revolve around a hero whose spiritual emptiness brings failure and suffering until an epiphany leads to redemption.  Though written a century ago (1911), like other good poetry Everlasting Mercy is timeless.   It carries some lines that could be penned for this very moment:

       The trained mind outs the upright soul, as Jesus said the trained mind might,
        Being wiser than the sons of light.   But trained men’s minds are spread so thin,
        They let all sorts of darkness in.

I have followed politics and studied history for nearly 60 years.   I have never seen such contrast between the political parties.   We have a Chief Executive manifestly incompetent.  The media assists in his delusions.   Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and third in line for the Presidency, calls for the investigation of persons opposing a Mosque at Ground Zero in New York.    This is more than a tin ear.   This is Stalinism.   The mind of the Left is spread so thin that it lets all sorts of darkness in.  If one disagrees with Her Highness, Ms. Pelosi, they must be investigated.   The Far Left claims to live enlightened.   In reality they are dangerous to our freedom.   Al Gore is another example.    Others are to go green and live simply while he buys mansions and flies on private jets.  Hollywood suffers with this same syndrome.

This was not always the case for Democrats.   There is a book by Edward J. Renehan titled The Kennedys at War.    The author speaks of how much future President Jack Kennedy respected his men.   They all said he was genuinely interested in them and nearly died protecting them after PT-109 was rammed by a Japanese vessel.   When called a hero, President Kennedy modestly said, “How can a man be called a hero who let his boat be destroyed by the enemy?”   Oh, for Democrats like that again!   Instead of a true hero like Jack Kennedy who refused that mantle the Party and the nation is led by an arrogant, comically full of self President who has every reason to be humble but thinks himself large and superior to mere mortals.    

What Rush Limbaugh calls the Ruling Class believes they are above the Country Class.   This led then Senator Barack Obama to speak of the embittered clinging to their guns and their religion.   In some ways the man is to be pitied.   He does not realize that the nation has caught on to the fact that he is not up to the task nor does he appear to be growing in Office as Harry Truman did.   He is now a caricature best captured on Saturday Night Live.   All these modern Democrats could learn from Ralph Waldo Emerson who said, “Every person I meet is superior to me in some way.”    This does not mean that the President is no longer dangerous to our liberties.   On the contrary–Obamacare still looms unless Conservatives can take over at least one House of Congress in 2010 and we elect an adult as President in 2012.   So does the crushing Obamadebt

None of this is to say that Republicans are all mercy and light.   Their lack of modesty in spending has contributed to our plight.  But the Republican Party still has some individuals standing up for the Constitution and seeking to serve rather than be served.   Most of these are Conservatives and without reservation we are doing all we can to see them elected in 2010.   These are individuals who appear to have learned from past mistakes, who are ready to make hard choices to cut both taxes and spending and to cut government down to size.   Can it be done?    No one knows for sure but some are going to make the attempt. 

There is something else critical here.   Many of these are men and women of faith who recognize that they are part of something far bigger than themselves.   Obama might call them bitter clingers but these are not persons who sat under the leadership of a radical bigot, Jeremiah Wright, for twenty years.   These are not persons whose minds are spread so thin that they let all sorts of darkness in.   On the contrary, they are Enlightened individuals, who, like our Founders, are schooled in Scripture and have a God given sense of the value of human life and of the fact that freedom is His idea.

They also have a sense of hope from II Chronicles 7:14:  “If my people, who are called by My Name. . .will humble themselves before Me,  I will heal their land.”    For any Leftists who may be reading this blog,  II Chronicles follows I Chronicles and is found in a book called the Bible about half way through the Old Testament.

C.S. Lewis said a day would come when the light of right would shine all the more brightly because there would be so much darkness.    This is such a day.    But it is also a day of hope as Republicans, Independents, and sensible Democrats are saying, “Enough!”   Jesus told a parable of weeds and wheat growing up together.    When the farmer was asked by his servants if they should cut out the weeds he said,   “No, in pulling the weeds you may also pull out the wheat.   They will be separated at the harvest.”

Harvest in this season comes November 2, 2010.   Not since 1980 when Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter has there been such urgency about an election.   This year may be even more critical.   Without apology I ask that you support Conservatives like Ken Buck and Cory Gardner here in CO, in Illinois Bill Brady for Governor, and Marco Rubio for the U.S. Senate in FL.   There are others, of course, who have not bowed a knee to Baal.   They are sons and daughters of Light with backbones of steel.   Support them, pray for them, vote for them.   This year it is Light and Liberty or Statism and Darkness.   It is leaders who humble themselves before God or False Prophets who want the people humbled before them (let us investigate those opposed to the Mosque at Ground Zero).   Vote for Light!  If not for ourselves then so vote for our children and grandchildren.    Our forebears did this for us.    Let us do the same for our little ones.   Never a day like this one.