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Who are the Real Loons?

When Ronald Reagan sought to wrest the GOP nomination from Jerry Ford in 1976 and even as the nominee in 1980, he was portrayed as a Far Right crazy, a likeable loon, but a loon nonetheless.   After his inaugural address on January 20, 1981, Speaker Thomas “Tip” O’neill was interviewed.  He said with a smile that the President’s address was very simplistic.   Bleeding through was we will show him the ropes.  He’s in the big time now.   It was very condescending.

A similar thing happened early in Reagan’s first term when striking Air Traffic Controllers thought they would be able to defy the President.   They probably thought they were still dealing with Jimmy Carter, the Peanut farmer.   But a few days later they were on the outside looking in.   There is a book in the Old Testament, Nehemiah, that carries this same theme.  It is a handbook on leadership.   As the leader for whom the book is named, Nehemiah, begins to rebuild the walls around Jerusalem to protect the people.    Enemies to freedom appear, as they always do,  to stop the effort.   Their names are Tobiah and Sanballet.   I think they were Democrats.   They try debate, diversion, division, derision and finally coercion.   Nehemiah posts guards and says to his men, “Keep working.”   Soon Tobiah and Sanballet are outside looking up at the nearly completed wall-still cat calling at the Hebrews.  But from the outside.  Reagan stayed with the task.  So did Nehemiah and foes were left in the cold.

To return to Tip O’Neil, his words at the supposed naivete of Ronald Reagan turned into call after call to the President from the Speaker saying, “Congratulations, Mr. President.”    One of Tip’s final calls was a classic.   With a different kind of smile he said, “Well, old pal, you won again.”    Reagan bested him nearly every time and the Democrats controlled the House.   Gorbachev in the Old Soviet Union found the same thing about the President in Iceland in 1987.   Gorby came home to find he no longer had hold of a communist state.  

One does not hear much about Reagan the loon anymore as most concede he was a tough and savvy leader.  A great President.  But his heirs in the modern Conservative movement still face this.    I turn over to MSNBC’ occasionally during a commercial break on FOX.  As small as their ratings are one more viewer makes a difference.    This morning they were discussing Rand Paul and his strong debate performance in KY.    Pat Buchanan related the strength of the Tea Party this year.   He was followed by the ever predictable Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post who said, “As we look at Tea Party crazies, Rand Paul is not as crazy.”    Robinson won a Pulitzer.   I think this award too often comes pretty cheap today.

I recall when Brian Williams was preparing to take over NBC Nightly News.   He shared about a conversation with Brit Hume, then of ABC but later with FOX.   They discussed media bias.   Brit had two articles that he asked Brian to evaluate.    One described then Speaker, Newt Gingrich, as that “Far Right bomb thrower.”   The same newspaper the same day had a piece on the late Ted Kennedy who was described as the respected “Liberal Lion of the Senate.”    Williams was asked what was wrong here.   Hume had to tell him.    If the Press is going to describe Newt Gingrich as a Far Right Bomb Thrower then it would be only fair to describe Ted Kennedy as a Far Left Radical.   Or, if they want to do real news rather than commenatry they could say conservative Newt Gingrich and liberal Ted Kennedy.   What is fair for the liberal goose is fair for the conservative gander.   We do not watch NBC or any of the other side line networks for news so I do not know if the lesson took.    I doubt it but it is significant that Williams even brought it up.

Now we hear our President (that man so smart that mere mortals cannot appreciate him according to Margaret Carlson) say to Hispanics that they must vote lest those evil Republicans take over.    But Obama does allow Republicans to join them on the bus but they have to sit in the back.   Sadly we have elected a very small man to lead us.   Can you imagine Jack Kennedy reducing himself to this?    Neither can I.   Jimmy Carter had some of this same small minded meanness in him.    And he was a one term President.   Let us make sure Barack Obama has the same fate beginning on November 2 by electing some grown ups to the House and Senate.

So I ask “Who are the real loons?”  I rather think it is not the Tea Party but instead the Democrats who did not learn from Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter that a Leftist agenda does not work.   Obama is radically Left.   Even sensible Democrats now see this.  Vote Republican this year.   Vote for men like Bill Brady for IL governor and  Ken Buck for the U.S. Senate here in CO who not only know the Constitution but intend to follow it.    We will let Democrats on the bus BUT they will not be driving it.   Too much recklessness behind the wheel.    Too loony to be in charge.   See you at the polls.