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Health Care for the Suicidal

Well on Sunday evening, March 21, 2010 (first day of spring of all times) the Dems did it to themselves and by themselves.  No Republicans joined them on their suicidal march off the cliff.   It is hard to think of a time when the contrasts between the two Parties has been more clear.   One is now officially Statist under Obama of the Chicago machine and Pelosi, the darling of San Fran.   Harry the hapless seems destined for the Nevada desert.  Hopefully by January 2011 Nancy is just another Congressperson and by 2013 Barack has joined Jimmy in the history books of mistaken Presidencies.  What a threesome these folk make.

The GOP, left for dead  just sixteen months ago, is on the march again.   We owe a grest deal to President Obama and Donkey leadership.   And, of all things, this is not the GOP of Colin Powell, David Frum, David Brooks and Peggy Noonan who called for Republicans to be Democrat Light.   No, it is the conservative wing of Mark Levin’s Liberty and Tyranny that has risen from the ashes.

Another person who needs our attention is Betsy Markey, Congresswoman from the 4th District.  She of the affirmative on the American Clean Energy and Security Act (also known as Cap and Trade) and was one of the 219 who pushed Health Care over the top.  Her statement after the vote is quite instructive.  It reads in part:  “My vote today isn’t about politics.   It’s about. . .doing what’s right for the people of Colorado.”

Have you ever noticed that when Democrats do what is right for the people  productive Americans suddenly have less money in their wallets and purses?    But what is really telling about Markey’s statement and her vote is that it runs so counter to what Colorado and the nation wanted here.   What we wanted was not this bill.  In essence, Betsy is saying that she knows what we want but she better knows what we need.   Such elitism!   No wonder persons went to D.C. to protest.  Their is a cure for this comical, yet dangerous behavior of our majority in Congress.   Let’s bring Betsy  and the lot of them home.

But there is something far larger here than a first (and hopefully last) term Congresswoman from Colorado.   Here I appeal again to Mark Levin.  He rightly identifies this as statism.   Small minded men and women in a country of big ideas wish to dictate control to the rest of us from their perches in Washington, D.C.   Right now the statists are in control led by President Obama and they are putting the nation on a Potemkin path to destruction.

C.S. Lewis, brilliant British scholar and philosopher, warned of this in his book, God in the Dock.   As a side note, Lewis died November 22, 1963, the same day as John Kennedy was assassinated and thus his passing was not noted as it otherwise would have been.   But this work is up to the moment.   It is a series of essays on the tyranny of the moral busy body who forever wishes to direct how others live–what we eat, how we travel and even what we can say.  Such persons never let up and often exempt themselves from the rules they wish to prescribe for the rest of us. 

Lewis wrote these essays across 25 years on another continent.   But they sound eerily and dangerously like the United States of America this very day.   Can the first Tuesday in November 2010 come soon enough?  Jack Kennedy said in paragraph 2 of, unfortunately, his only inaugural address:   “The rights of man come not from the generosity of the state but from the hand of God.”   Kennedy’s Party has forgotten this.   Let us have longer memories and God’s wisdom for these exciting but challenging days.