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Ken Buck and Political Stewardship

There is a story of a New York law firm who was engaged to clear title on some property in New Orleans.   They hired a property lawyer from New Orleans to obtain the facts from the records.   After research the lawyer wrote the New York firm and said,  “I can trace the property ownership back to 1803.   It is part of the Louisiana Purchase under Thomas Jeffeson when the U.S. bought the territory of Louisiana from France through the Emperor Napoleon.”    But the New York law firm was not satisfied.   They insisted it be traced back even further.

So the frustrated Southern attorney wrote them a letter:   “Dear Sirs!   Please be advised that France acquired title to Louisiana from Spain by conquest.  The Spanish crown obtained it by discovery under Christopher Colombus, a sailor who had been authorized to sail by Isabella, queen of Spain.    Isabella obtained sanction for this voyage from the Pope who is the vicar of Christ who is the Son of God Almighty who created Louisiana.”

This true story out of history is not as crazy as it may sound.   It is a story of stewardship and a reminder that all ultimately belongs to God Almighty.  The word stewardship means managing something.   It may be management of one’s life, natural resources or money.   The word has humble beginnings.   It is Old English and derived from the term Sty ward–the ward of the sty or keeper of the swine.  The term styward evolved into steward.

In the movie Papillon the main character was imprisoned for life for crimes against the French state.   While in prison he had a dream of standing before a tribunal for a crime.  He said to the judge that he was not guilty of the crime for which he was being tried.   The judge replied that he was not being tried for that crime but for another that was the most heinous of the human race.    Papillon asked what crime that was.   The judge answered “The crime of a wasted life.”      Papillon wept, “Guilty, guilty.”   The judge pronounced death for poor stewardship of life and resources.

I have not met many who believe that Washington, D.C. is a place of good stewardship of the national resources and national life.  There was much talk by the President and his party that Health Care Reform was going to save the nation money.   I cannot recall a D.C. program that cost less than projected.   On the contrary.   Polls show the American people understand this and a strong majority oppose the bill.   This is one of the reasons that the President keeps trying to sell this dangerous monster–well after it passed.

Now we come to 2010 and the U.S Senate race here in CO.   Like other places the GOP here is running on good Fiscal policy–stewardship.  And much is being made on some blogs about how much more Jane Norton has raised in campaign funds than Ken Buck.   Herein lies a very interesting fact.   With about 1/4 of the monetary resources Ken Buck defeated Jane Norton in the March 16 CO caucuses.   Greater resources do not always defeat hard work and good stewardship of limited resources.

It would seem that Mr. Buck’s campaign is demonstrating what true conservative leaders might do if they are given the levers of power in Washington–better results with less money.    In short, the Buck campaign is living out good stewardship.   In contrast, the Norton campaign manifests the Establishment practice of less being done with more.   This was her record as Lt. Governor where she was part of raising taxes on citizens of Colorado.   Higher taxes means more money and power in the State and less of both for the citizenry.   Jane Norton talks good Fiscal policy.    Ken Buck lives it.

Friends, this is no time for Democrat Light.    It is time to elect good stewards of our national treasure who show us that they can do more with less.   Even sensible Democrats recognize that we are on a path to national bankruptcy.    Independents have known this for some time.    And Reagan Republicans like Ken Buck know this instinctively and, equally important, act on their convictions.  Their lives, their campaigns prove that this way works.   They walk their talk.    This is why RedState, Michelle Malkin and Senator Jim DeMint have all endorsed Ken.    Let us do the same with good stewardship of resources entrusted to us and with our voices and our votes.