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Harry Truman, Ronald Reagan, Ken Buck

Ken Buck, Republican nominee for the United States Senate from Colorado, reminds me a great deal of Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan.   Truman and Reagan knew exactly who they were, where they stood and why.   So does Ken Buck.    I was in elementary school during the Truman Presidency but have very clear memories of the man.  I recall asking my folks why the President and Bess were moving out of the White House.  They said because it was being remodeled.   I was well into my career during the Reagan Presidency.

Both these Presidents made controversial comments.  Harry  Truman said, “I tell the truth on them and they think the truth is hell.”    When Jack Kennedy, a Roman Catholic ran for President, there was concern about Popery dominating Kennedy.  Jack was a WWII naval hero.   His brother, Joe, was a pilot who died in the war.   Both were strong patriots.    Their father, Joseph Kennedy, Sr., was ambassador to the Court of St. James in London during the war.    He let it be known that he thought Hitler would win and that we should sue for peace.  The sons were not of this ilk at all.   Jack was seriously ill but bribed his way into the war.

When FDR learned of the senior Kennedy’s treasonous views he called him home.   He was gracious to him at the White House but then turned around and whispered to First Lady, Eleanor, who was in the room:   “Get him out of my sight.   I never want to see the S.O.B. again.”   When former President Truman was asked about JFK’s Catholicism he said, “It is not their Pope that bothers me. It is their Pop.” 

Ronald Reagan said his philosophy of Russia was very simple:  “We win.  They lose.”    One day he warmed up for his radio address by saying, “Warning to the Soviets.   The bombing starts in 5 minutes.”    The Left had a cow.   Don’t you love it when that happens?    The Communists feared Reagan which is healthy.    So did Iran who was holding our hostages.   I don’t think the Persians have any fear of the current occupant of the White House which is not good.     But the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, only woman to ever be Prime Minister of Great Britain said:   “Ronald Reagan won the Cold War without firing a shot.” 

When Ronald Reagan ran for President in 1980 the first prominent Democrat to come out for him was Eugene McCarthy.   He sought the Democrat nomination for President in 1968.  His strong showings in early primaries led LBJ to retire.   When McCarthy was asked why he supported Reagan he said, “Because Ronald Reagan is the first man to run for President since Harry Truman who knows exactly who he is and what he wants to do.” 

Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan knew exactly who they were, what they wanted to do and why.   So does Ken Buck.   Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan sometimes made controversial comments.   So does Ken Buck.    Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan were great Presidents.   Ken Buck will be a great United States Senator.   Let us all get out there over the next 13 days and make it happen for our state, our nation, our children and grandchildren and a generation yet unborn.