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What is a Titan?

Titan is defined in Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary as “One that stands out for greatness of achievement.”    In January of 1969, Joe Namath, quarterback of the New York Jets (a team once known as the Titans) of the American Football League stood out for greatness of achievement.   The Jets defeated the mighty Baltimore Colts of the National Football League in the Super Bowl.   Joe Namath was a Titan.

Jim DeMint, U.S. Senator from South Carolina,  is becoming a Titan in the conservative movement.    The Fix in the Washington Post describes DeMint as the emerging leader of this movement–a tide that may sweep Republicans into power in Congress in 2010 not unlike what happened in 1994.  And not just Republicans, but Conservative Republicans of the Ronald Reagan type.   The Far Left of Obama and the Democrats fear this.   That is why they smear the Tea Party which is an important part of the phenomenon that is unfolding before us. 

Previously DeMint has endorsed Marco Rubio who is leading the Florida Establishment candidate for the U.S. Senate, Charlie Crist, by a wide margin.   Now, the senator from South Carolina has endorsed Weld County D.A., Ken Buck, for the U.S. Senate from CO over Establishment Jane Norton.   This is the Jane Norton who has decided to petition her way on to the Republican primary ballot in CO.

The response of DeMint’s endorsement of Buck by the Norton campaign is to appear unimpressed.   They note that some 25 Republican leaders have endorsed their candidate.  But they are not titans in the conservative movement.    Jim DeMint is a Titan.  And DeMint adds of the Ken Buck campaign:   “I have not seen anything like what is happening in Colorado since Marco Rubio of Florida.”   Meanwhile Norton is petitioning to get on the primary ballot, and  Ken Buck is going to the state convention.

At the end of Giuseppe Verdi’s worst opera, the standing ovation of the audience was nearly drowning out the orchestra.   But Verdi wisely looked through the rows of people to his contemporary composer, Gioachino Rossini, who was sitting silent in his stall.   One wise man’s verdict out weighs all the fools.

Twenty-five to one is a great discrepancy and one to twenty-five is rather overwhelming.   But when that one is a
Titan. . .I like the odds.