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Republican or Conservative

It has been interesting to watch the speeches at the Conservative Political Action Conference.   Speakers are employing Conservative as often as Republican if not more.  Former Vice President Dick Cheney spoke in this manner.   So did Marco Rubio of FL.   Rubio had several warnings for the Republicans.   All are aware that the political parties are not popular but conservatism is.   As a side note very few Dems step out to proudly say, “I am a liberal.”   They hide behind the euphemism of “progressive” and fool no one.   In contrast, many are proudly wearing their conservative hats.

Herein lies a potential mine field.   Politicians look for what is popular and run there.   Bill Clinton spoke of the era of big government being over after he and his party took a bath in 1994.   Even the far more ideological Barack Obama is trying to sound like a populist after VA, NJ and MA handed him his lunch.   Let no one forget that this “populist” spoke of average persons as “bitter clingers to guns and religion” during the 08 primaries.   That is one of the reasons that Hillary Clinton defeated him so overwhelmingly late in that season.   There are Republican phonies as well. 

By contrast there are statesmen and women who stand for conservatism because of their core values regardless of which way the political winds are blowing.   They know exactly who they are without placing a moist finger in the air or a toe in the water.   Fifty-five years ago, William F. Buckley was such a statesman.   He stood largely alone as the intellectual giant of what, at that time, was an anomaly.   Barry Goldwater picked up this mantle in 1964 and lost in a landslide to LBJ.   But a new conservative star was born that year when Ronald Reagan gave a national speech in favor of Goldwater.   Sixteen years later Ronald Reagan ousted a sitting Democrat President, Jimmy Carter, 40 states to 10.   In 1984 Ronald Reagan took 49 states and probably actually won all 50.

But a moderate Republican, George H W Bush, won in 1988 and was not returned in 92.   While Bush 43 won two terms, he spent like a Democrat which allowed our current Far Left leader into the Oval Office.   All this has left voters angry, frustrated but, I think, not confused.   Sensible voters by the millions now know what is needed and the sooner the better–like in the fall elections in the Year of our Lord,  2010.

To return to the minefield, we have an opportunity to elect a Senator who, like Ronald Reagan, knows exactly who he is and where he stands and why.    Ken Buck does not cower before the press or polls or misguded courts, Supreme though they may be.   In contrast,  Jane Norton has supported large tax increases for CO and sometimes stutters on social issues.   We cannot afford persons like this–politically or economically or culturally.   There is no reason to import Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins 2000 miles west of Maine to Colorado.

Do you recall candidate Bush in 1988 and his read my lips rhetoric of no new taxes?   He soon  broke that pledge and joined the Democrats in a big tax increase of 500 billion dollars.   Obama and the Democrats are itching to do the same right now.   What will stop them?   Establishment Republicans  who wish to be thought of as true conservatives but who have raised taxes big time in the past?   Republicans who have to make a read my lips promise because people harbor doubts and concerns?    Or principled men and women who stand like a stonewall for their values?

This is no time for Republican light which comes close to Democrat moderate.   These days, like all days, call for leaders.   We cannot afford persons of moist fingers in the air to sense the political winds or a toe in the water to test the temperature.    I invite you to join me in supporting Ken Buck, a man whose ship is set like flint on a conservative course worth sailing.