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The Golden State and The Lone Star State

From 1989-1991 our family lived in Tallahassee, FL–host community to Florida State University.   Head football coach, Bobby Bowden, lived around the corner from our church and worshiped with us occasionally.  His Seminoles destroyed the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the Fiesta Bowl of 1990.   The next spring, Nebraska Head Coach, Tom Osborne, turned his squad over to his assistants, swallowed his pride, came to Tallahassee,  and observed Bobby’s spring training to learn how he did it.

Ironically, the next year, NE and FSU met in the Orange Bowl for the national title and FSU won by a whisker.  No blow out this time.   And Osborne, who had never won a title, won two championships before he retired.

Our most populous state and second largest both in acreage and in number of residents are a study in contrast.    One is bankrupt and the other is thriving.   Texas Governor, Rick Perry, was on FOX after the mid-term elections and spoke about the hundreds of California companies who relocated in the Lone Star State just since January 1, 2010.

Why have these businesses done this?   Because Texas does not punish success with high taxes, and it is business friendly which means, among other things,  Texas does not over regulate.   Texas has also learned what California has not–no state or nation, no matter how wealthy, can support a huge welfare program.    The late Milton Friedman pounded on this during the Reagan Administration.   Bill Clinton was dragged into this conclusion by Newt Gingrich and the new Republican Congress elected in 1994.   Clinton signed Welfare Reform which assured his second term and led to a stronger economy.

What did California do in the mid-terms?    Returned the ultra-partisan Barbara Boxer to the U.S. Senate and Jerry Brown to the Governorship.    Brown could learn as Tom Osborne did by leaving spring training (also known as the transition time) in the hands of staff and fly to Austin to spend time with Governor Perry.   The leaders of New York and Illinois, states also headed for insolvency, might consider the same.

However, pride will prevent this.   Besides the Far Left lives in denial and does not believe in the Texas approach.   But this is key to our recovery beginning in 2011 under the Republican House and in 2013 when the GOP captures the Senate and the White House:   We must not bail out CA, IL, NY or any other state.   First, we cannot afford it.   Second, this is buying drinks for the alcoholic.   It will go right on.   They must take the cure if they are to recover.

My father is a WWII marine.   He has the biggest hand in the county and was not afraid to employ it when I needed discipline.   I did not like it at the time but now thank him for it.   The adult grown ups are in the GOP.  They must discipline the adolescent Democrats in CA, IL, NY and beyond.    If not these children running around disguised as adults will never grow up and they will ruin the country.   Are all ready to be led by real men and women?   Churchill told Britain he had nothing to offer but blood, toil, sweat and tears.   The Brits got behind him and they were vital to stopping the Nazis as we prepared to enter WWII.  

Demosthenes (384-322 B.C.)  was a Greek statesman and orator.   He was asked how Athens could halt their decline.   His answer was both simple and profound and sage advice for our land today as well.   Demoshtenes said,  “Stop what you are doing now.”  Are we ready to stop what we are doing  now?   I hope so.


Is This My New Reality?

On Friday, September 17, George Will spoke at the Hillsdale College celebration of the Constitution.   He is a baseball fan who shares many anecdotes from the national pastime.   On Friday George mentioned Earl Weaver, irascible manager of the Baltimore Orioles.    About the third inning, Weaver would run out and confront the American League umpires with, “Are you going to get any better today?   Or is this it?”

Velma Hart addressed President Obama at the CNBC Town Hall meeting on September 20.   She spoke of her exhaustion with defending the President and his mantle of change.   She added this about her disappointment in Obama:  “This was not the change I voted for.”   When she asked the poignant question, “Is this my new reality?” she was in effect echoing Earl Weaver:  “Are you going to get any better or is this it?

We are told the recession is over which only adds to voter angst as many are out of work and unemployment continues to rise.  And the President has essentially exhausted his options.   And none of them worked.    His worn lines on the failures of President Bush and about how much worse it would be without him evoke only anger and ironic laughter.   Without change Mr. President’s answer to Ms. Hart’s question is, “No, I will not get any better and this is the new reality.”

Obama has allies in the mess we are in.   One of them is our appointed junior Senator here in CO, Michael Bennet.    Obama wanted a big stimulus.   Bennet was there.     We had to reform health care.    Bennet dutifully voted for it.    This is why we affectionately call our appointed junior Senator, Rubber Stamp Michael.    A rubber stamp, as a political metaphor, refers to a person with considerable de jure power but little de facto power because they so seldom disagree with the power organs of their institution.   This perfectly describes Bennet.   Obama wants it.   Michael does it.

He did leave the reservation recently when he said that we got nothing for the 820 billion dollar stimulus package for which he voted–rubber stamped.   One of the men who could have told him it would not work is Ken Buck, GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate here in CO.    Would it not be better to have a man who will stand up to Obama rather than a man who looks down and away and then votes the future of our children away and only later regrets it?    Of course it would.

In 2010 let us vote for the real thing–a man like Ken Buck who will focus on creating jobs, controlling spending, and doing what is right for Colorado.   One who will say, “No, this is not the new reality unless we send the same crowd back to D.C. who have already rubber stamped Obama’s 13 trillion dollar debt.”    Let us get it right this November.   We have had enough of misleading, false ads and rubber stamps

In 1980 the Philadelphia Phillies won their first World Series title.   Their very colorful relief pitcher, Tug McGraw, was asked what he was going to do with his share of the winnings.   He said, “I am going to spend 80% of it on wine and women and waste the rest.”   Give Tug McGraw credit.    He only planned to waste 20%.    Appointed Senator Michael Bennet said of the stimulus–we wasted it all.   Let us Elect a man named Buck on November 2.    His will not be an Appointed position and neither will he ever be a RUBBER STAMP.