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Ronald Reagan or Barack Obama

The worst curse of the 20th century was communism.   Soviet communism lasted 74 years.   It is estimated that over 150 million people were killed under the evils of communism.  Soviet boss, Joseph Stalin, said that one murder is a tragedy but that millions of murders are simply statistics.

In the 1970’s the West seemed in retreat as communists expanded their power.  Some American intellectuals were willing to accept Soviet advancement and Western decline.   Economist, John Kenneth Galbraith, wrote in 1984, “The Russian system succeeds, in contrast with the Western industrial economies, because it makes full use of its manpower.”    Historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. (intellectual in residence to President John Kennedy) said, “Those in the U.S. who think the Soviet Union is on the verge of economic and social collapse are only kidding themselves.”

But there was one voice that proved them all wrong.   His name is Ronald Reagan.   He said free markets work better than bureaucrats and that American individualism and liberty are something of which to be immensely proud.  Unlike his predecessor, Jimmy Carter, who called for the Federal Reserve to print money  (sound familiar?),  President Reagan supported the Feds in tightening the money supply and inflation disappeared.  He capped tax rates and the economy  boomed and so did employment.

Reagan intensified pressure on the Soviet Union with our military build up.   The Russian economy was Third World.  They could not keep up which led to their stunning collapse.   British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, put it right when she said, “Ronald Reagan won the Cold War without firing a shot.”

My what a contrast!   Today we have a President who seems determined to cut our nation down to a size he finds acceptable.   His economic policies leave unemployment at just under 10 %.   His Administration has taken over the auto industry, the banking system, health care, student loans and he is pushing cap and trade which will further cripple our economy.   If Congress won’t do it he will turn to the EPA.   Domestically he is a disaster.

In foreign policy he has distanced himself from Israel and seems helpless in the face of the Iranian nuclear threat.  George Bush had promised Poland further missile defense.   Obama did not move forward with this, apparently hoping the Russians would join him in sanctions against Iran.    Russia did not comply so we got nothing for this but a more insecure Poland and friends wondering if they can count upon us anymore.

Now President Obama has signed a nuclear reduction treaty with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.   This week 47 nations are coming to Washington to discuss nuclear nonproliferation.   Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is not among them.    Speaking on condition of anonymity, Israeli officials say it is because they see this only as an opportunity for Muslim states to call for Israel to give up their supposed nuclear weapons.   In short, Israel will be beaten up and they seem not to have a friend in the White House to stand with them.   Netanyahu was basically snubbed by Obama in a recent trip to D.C.   There were no photos and no joint appearances.

What to do?   The Senate should be in no hurry to ratify the treaty between Obama and Medvedev.   And in 2010 we must elect a House and Senate that reflects the wisdom, backbone and common sense of Ronald Reagan.   My vote will be Reagan Conservative, Ken Buck, for Senate and anyone but Cap n Trade Betsy for the House.   We must have a counter to Jimmy Carter Redux.   And in 2012 we must elect a President who understands the dangers of the world, a leader who has run something , who understands business, and who knows friend from foe, and most of all, someone who is proud of his nation.   It would also be good if they can speak without a teleprompter and can name at least one player on their faviorite baseball team.