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And the Winner is. . .

. . . the people of Colorado and the nation beyond.   Congratulations to Ken Buck and his team.   He came from further back than any other candidate in CO history to win a U.S. Senate nomination.  Ken has noted the many people who worked many hours for him.   These folks and their leader made a considerable team–a winning team.  The celebration on Tuesday evening in Loveland was genuine and sustained.   At the same time all know there is work remaining to be done.    To that end the GOP comes together behind Ken Buck.

The media is already manifesting its comical side.   Michael Riley of The Denver Post writes on 8/12 that “Bennet win revives the stature of the Obama machine.”   We will take that seriously when we see the President and the Democrat Senator standing side by side at campaign events here in the Centennial State.  The President will have plenty of time as few others want to be seen with him.   Witness his trip to TX where the governor met him at the Austin airport–a Republican governor.     Junior Senator Bennet has signaled coolness toward a Presidential appearance.   At the same time Bennet has said that the White House effort was “a huge help.”    The GOP will remember that we are sure.

KOA radio addressed this on 8/11 when commentators said it may be hard for Bennet to divorce himself from Obama’s embrace and seek to appear moderate.   After all he voted for the Stimulus Bill and for Obamacare.   How moderate is that?    On the other hand,  Floyd Ciruli, Denver based pollster, says Ken Buck may have trouble because he is so closely associated with the Tea Party.

I would share several thoughts on that.   First, The Tea Party has captured and given voice to much of the frustration with the Far Left who finds Barack Obama too conservative.   Certainly there are extremists in any movement and the Tea Party is not spared that.    But Ken Buck has embraced none of this.   Second, President Obama is sinking fast in the polls with no sign he has bottomed out yet.   More freedom, less debt, and a check on run away spending in Washington, D.C. are key themes of the Tea Party and will be seen more and more in broad relief vis-a-vis Obama, Reid and Pelosi.   

Ken Buck has broad support, part of which comes from the Tea Party.   And like Ronald Reagan (a man who I suspect would also welcome Tea Party support) Buck knows exactly who he is and where he stands.   This helps a person and a candidate keep his balance in the face of shifting winds and the extremism of some.

There is an important contrast, beyond clear policy and philosophical differences, that I see between Ken Buck and Michael Bennet.   Bennet has trouble looking people and cameras straight on.   He looks away and often down.   My guess is that his aids will work to correct this but his natural tendency is avoidance.  This author has had several conversations with Ken Buck.   His gaze is even, his countenance consistent and his back bone is made of steel.  Our choice is clear.  One man looks down and away.   The other looks ahead.   As for me and mine, we choose to stand with Ken Buck.   Join us in changing our future.