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Inside Washington

PBS offers a Friday night program of the above title hosted by Gordon Peterson.   Three of the panelists come from the Left–Mark Shields, Nina Totenberg, and Colby King.   There is only one individual from the Right, but since that person is Charles Krauthammer there is more than balance.

On Friday, January 28, they commented on the State of the Union address.   Shields, long time Democrat operative and PBS Newshour commentator, Totenberg of the Far Left, and King all gushed about the brilliance and style.   King to his credit noted lack of substance.   Krauthammer called it a lost opportunity to speak the truth of our situation.

Analysis then turned to Paul Ryan’s response.  Mark said there are two kinds of Republicans.   The sunny optimism of Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp which says it is five minutes before the dawn.    Then there are the five minutes to midnight Republicans like Paul Ryan.    Charles then said, “There are two kinds of Democrats.   Those who tell the truth and those who spin and the President is the latter.”    As a sidenote, the fact that the Far Left is now speaking of Ronald Reagan in glowing terms and wishing (as Time Magazine does) to liken Obama to Reagan demonstrates that even they now know he was a great President.  

I would make several responses to this.   First, there is a great deal more to Ronald Reagan than sunny optimism.   He had policies to correct the economy and to defeat the Soviet Union without a war.   When one sees Reagan speak of the Soviets he does not smile.   Rather he rightly called them the Evil Empire.

Second, there are times like this when it is five minutes to midnight and one like Paul Ryan needs to sound the alarm if we are going to see the dawn again.   The President is not doing so.    When Neville Chamberlain returned from Munich at the dawn of WWII cheerily saying, “It is peace in our time,”   Wintson Churchill knew better.   He met the Prime Minister with this stinging rebuke, “You had a choice between war and dishonor at Munich.   You have chosen dishonor and now you shall have war.”

England then turned to Winston Churchill who with, bulldog determination, said, “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, sweat and tears.”   No sunny spin or optimism here.  No, the new Prime Minister offered sheer reality.   Why?   Because it was then five minutes to midnight for freedom with tyranny on the march.   But because of men like Winston Churchill we again saw the dawn.    Chamberlain is another name for appeasement today.  He was a spinner.   Churchill is one of those men to hold up for the ages.   So is Ronald Reagan.

This is a time of world economic crisis and talk of light rail and more money for education is not going to change any of it.    Let the Left spin if they must.   But let us stand with men like Paul Ryan, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin (in 1979 & 80 before Ronald Reagan appeared on the scene, when world leaders gathered it was said that the strongest man present was Margaret Thatcher)  who speak the truth–not spin.   We can yet see the dawn but we must first recognize midnight when we see it.

Wintson Churchill one more time.  In one of his most profound addresses, yet most simple, he said to a group of students during the war, “Never give in.   Never give in.  Never give in.   Never!  Never!   Never!    Never!    For the sake of our grandchidren–NEVER!!


Which is the Stupid Party?

The Republican Party has often been called The Stupid Party.  Generally this is stated by Democrats and their colleagues in the media.   But sometimes conservative columnists would so brand the GOP.   I recall the late Robert Novak saying this of the Republicans shortly after the Gingrich Revolution.

While I think this was simply a stereotype, today if there is a Stupid Party it is the Donkeys who wear this label.   They went through all sorts of contortions to pass health care reform.   Now they strain to find hate speech and unacceptable language to brand the Republicans as the Conservatives (dare I say it?) “Fight back.”   One of the truly comical was Ann Curry of the Today show with pained face asking John McCain if Sarah Palin’s use of “targeting opponents” was over the top.    McCain rightly laughed in her face and said that both sides employ this language with no thought of violence.

I wonder if Curry and the rest of the herd media recall James Carville (whom his wife, Mary Matalin, affectionately calls “Serpent Head”) speak of the Clinton “War Room.”   If so, does Ann think that Carville and the Clinton soldiers were storing up bazookas there to fire at the Republicans.    CNN had a popular show called “Cross Fire.”   Should this have been banned for being too violent  in sound?

Then there is alleged spitting at House Members as they gleefully marched through protesters to Capitol Hill to pass health care on March 21.   Some even supposedly yelled racial slurs at black Congressman.   But someone has offered 10,000 dollars for video evidence of this.   No one has stepped forward to collect.   If this happened it is certainly wrong but it is equally unacceptable to falsely accuse anyone of such behavior.    The media is salivating to hang the Tea Party as racist hicks but the evidence is not there.

And Joe, just call me Joe, Biden.   The Vice President is a likable man.   I like him.   But surely all can see media bias when Cheney is tarred and feathered for employing salty language toward a Senator while Joe is celebrated for the same language as he introduces the President in all his splendor after passing health care.  And Joe was on mike.   Surely he knew that.   And he also knew this would be celebrated which it was.    Our President also yukked it up.

Meanwhile, the mainstream press (known as lame stream by Bernie Goldberg) looks in every nook and cranny for evidence of improper, violent language from the GOP.   This is just one reason why Ann Curry and her cronies have no audience other than when FOX replays her interview with John McCain and that for comic relief:   “Senator McCain, do you really think that your former running mate should employ words like targeting an opponent?”    All this with Ann wearing the perfectly practiced pained face.   Carville’s War Room anyone?

Well, is it any wonder why FOX is killing their competition?   In the media wars Fox outdraws CNN and MSNBC combined.   And Fox does not have to target an audience.   Left, Right and Center are all interested in quality, fair and balanced news.  The battle has been won but the mainstream does not change tactics or strategy.    No surrender or call for quarter yet.   One cannot help but wonder what the Generals at their Cable Headquarter War Rooms are thinking and planning.   More of the same will not do.  

May I suggest they stop pushing Ann out on a hopeless mission, hoist up the white flag of surrender,  learn from fair and
balanced Fox, stop doing the bidding of the Stupid Party, tell the truth about both Republicans and Democrats and let the chips fall where they may.    The old mainstream will feel better and so will we.