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Jimmy Carter on the Tea Party

My wife and I just returned from Maui and Ohau, Hawaii where we enjoyed the endless summer sun of the Islands.  It was a chance to recharge, gain perspective and read on beach and plane (12 hours in the air).  The most powerful moment was Pearl Harbor, standing over the Arizona, and thanking God for the bravery of our sailors, marines, military men and women.   This is felt history nearly 70 years later.   It gives one renewed confidence in the resiliency of the American spirit and our refusal to accept defeat.

Jimmy Carter, WWII naval officer and 39th President, had a column in The Forum in the September 29 USA Today.   Whatever the differences (and there are many) Carter noted “parallels between today’s frustrated and even angry mood and a similar mood in the mid-70’s.   Indeed my successful campaign for the Presidency in 1976  resembled the Tea Party movement of today.  We capitalized on the deep dissatisfaction with. . .Washington.”   Carter is right about the parallels but he did not understand his mandate and proved unequal to the task.    There are also parallels between he and the current occupant of the White House.

How deep is the frustration today?   One poll shows that 70% of Americans agree with the basic tenets of the Tea Party still mocked by Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Reid.   But today one senses that mockery is mixed with fear.   Did you notice that the Obamas went to church last week?  You probably did as this is so rare.    Guess Mr. President thought it was time to join those who bitterly cling to religion rather than spending the Lord’s Day on the Greens.   Wonder if he will next be attending some gun shows. 

No one needs be reminded this time that we cannot take the election for granted and that we must keep working up to and through November 2 for conservative candidates like Ken Buck, Cory Gardner in CO and Bill Brady running for Governor of IL.   And then we need point to November 6, 2012.   But this year is beginning  to resemble the approach of the 1932 Presidential race between Herbert Hoover and FDR.   As President Hoover was about to be swept from power by a tidal wave of discontent, he received a telegram from an angry citizen:   “Vote for Roosevelt.   Make it unanimous.”

For the first time since Woodrow Wilson we face a President and a Party critical of our Founders, our nation, our citizens.   I have studied American history since I learned to read six decades ago.  I cannot recall a President so ideological, so apologetic for all things American, so arrogant, so ignoring of public opinion.    He also employs the perpendicular pronoun “I” more than anyone in memory.   Bob Woodward of Watergate fame says the President always believes he is the smartest man in any room and ever confident that he is right and his critics wrong.  

Don Campbell is a former Washington, D.C. political reporter.   He now teaches journalism at one of the finest universities in the South, Emory in Atlanta, GA.  In a recent editorial he begins by stating, “I have never been a big fan of the President and polls suggest a majority of Americans are coming around to my point of view.”   Campbell’s most withering statement comes midway through his piece:   Obama. . .”needs to change his personal image.   To me (he) comes across as a narcissistic, condescending, elitist, pedantic scold who thinks he knows what’s best for people who are too dumb to realize it.”   Wow!   I don’t know why Campbell felt a need to sugar coat it.  

Barack Obama is a dangerous man.    Let us begin to cut down his power beginning on November 2 with the election of men like Ken Buck to the U.S. Senate–men who understand the Constitution, limited government and that power is in the hands of the people.   Then let us vote for common sense again in 2012.   Let us make 2008-2012 like 1976-1980–a reminder of why we need powerful conservatives in the mold of Ronald Reagan to lead.   Democrats.   Independents.   Join us this November in making these principles once again unanimous.