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Toonder and Lightning

Ingemar Johansson of Sweden won the heavyweight championship from Floyd Patterson in the summer of 1959.   He was not a great boxer but one of the most devastating punchers of all time–power he described as “toonder and lightning.”   Boxing analysts called his dominant hand, “thunder from the right.”

The elections in VA, NJ, and MA have shown a similar phenomenon is happening in our politics.   And it is now national–the conservative, anti-Washington backlash against Capitol insiders is effecting Republican races.   J.D. Hayworth of AZ is challenging John McCain.   Not long ago that would be unheard of.

One of the first to recognize this shift and the fact that an upstart from the Right could challenge the Establishment candidate was Marco Rubio of FL who is now leading Governor Charlie Crist for the GOP Senate nomination in the Sunshine State.   Hard to be more Establishment than Crist who embraced Obama’s stimulus package.  In IL Bill Brady is a conservative leading the Republicans for the nomination to be governor in this very blue state.   He has a real shot, not only to be the nominee, but to become governor.

We see this playing out here in Colorado as well.   Jane Norton is very much the Establishment candidate for the GOP nomination to face Democrat Senator Bennett.   She was coaxed into running by Senator John McCain who is in tight with Norton’s family.   Can you think of a more Establishment Republican than McCain, the Republican nominee for President in 2008?    Neither can I.

Ken Buck is the powerful District Attorney for Weld County in CO.   He attends candidate forums which Norton avoids.   He stands for low taxes and small government.   Former Lt. Governor, Jane Norton, signed off on one of the largest tax hikes in Centennial State history.  Mr. Buck was visiting every one of the counties in CO while Jane was sidelined waiting for the endorsement of Mr. Establishment Republican, John McCain.

Ms. Norton and others recognize the shift to strong conservatism.   We see it in her ads:   Jane Norton is the conservative who will stand up to President Obama.   Really?   Where was this strong stance against high taxes when she was Lt. Governor?   Friends, let us not be taken in by slogans when two records set side by side demonstrate there is a true conservative and a stuttering one.   Let us step out and embrace “Thunder from the Right” here in Colorado  by standing with Ken Buck and others like him across the land.