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Blaming Israel

When we look at the Democrat leaders of today, one longs for John Kennedy and Henry “Scoop” Jackson or at least for Joseph Lieberman.  Barack Obama has subtly suggested that if his Iran deal is rejected it will be due to J Street lobbyists–in other words:  the Jewish Lobby.  Secretary of State John Kerry is more open in his contempt for Israel in saying their lobby will spend 20 million dollars to defeat the Iranian agreement.  He went on to say Israel will be more isolated and more blamed if the agreement he negotiated is defeated by Congress.  Kerry is really saying that if they lose in Congress, he and Obama will see that Israel is isolated and blamed.

But really Israel will have done nothing for which they should be blamed.  In fact, it will be because the representatives of the American people rejected a bad deal.  Kerry and Obama love to say, “It is our deal or war.”   Nonsense!   The sanctions were working to cripple the Iranian economy and should have been strengthened rather than removed.  Right now, if the Obama Administration had any common sense (admittedly a stretch), they would unleash American energy world wide which would lower oil prices for all and damage Iran as they have nothing else but oil to export save terrorism.

In fairness, it is not only the failed regime of Obama that has dealt foolishly with Israel.   George H. W. Bush’s Secretary of State, James Baker, is reported to have said, “To hell with Israel.  Jews don’t vote for us anyway.”  Pat Buchanan has long been critical of Israel and said they were beating the drums of war when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990.  George W. Bush ignored Buchanan and expelled Iraq from Kuwait.

Baker could dismiss Israel because American Jews foolishly and reliably vote Democrat.  Obama and Kerry can dismiss Israel because American Jews foolishly and reliably vote Democrat.  But American Jews voting against their best interests does not justify politicians in either Party delegitimizing Israeli security as they are only true ally in the Middle East.  They do not cry, “Death to America!”   That is the Iranians with whom Obama is desperate to deal.

These are dangerous days for America which means dangerous days for freedom loving people world-wide.  I commend to anyone looking for solid conservative thinking, reflection and writing The Weekly Standard.  It is edited by established conservatives Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes and replete with gifted young writers such as Jonathan Last, Steve Hayes, Jay Cost and Mark Hemingway and mature senior and literary editors such as Andrew Ferguson and Phil Terzian.

The magazine is encouraging for young people on a search for truth as well.  If you have someone entering college this year consider a subscription for them.   The Weekly Standard has an ad with photos of Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky asking “Who will your favorite student meet at college this year?”  If you send the magazine they can be braced by gifted, modern conservatives Steve, Last and Terzian rather than worn out Communists like Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky.

Eric Hoffer was a longshoreman in San Francisco who began writing in the late 1940’s when he was 50 years old.  I have read The Ordeal of Change which he considered to be his best work.  It dealt with the causes of change and manifestations of those changes.  He was interviewed by CBS essayist, Eric Sevareid, who described him as an intellectual.  Hoffer said, “No, I am a longshoreman.”   He was later described as the “Longshoreman Philosopher.”

Though he claimed to be an atheist, he was very supportive the State of Israel and of people of faith.   In 1968, a year after the 6 Day War, Hoffer wrote an important article on Israel for The Los Angeles Times.   It appeared in May and was titled, “Israel’s Peculiar Position.”  Bill Kristol quotes from the piece at some length in the August 10, 2015 Weekly Standard:

The Jews are a peculiar people:  Things permitted to other nations are forbidden to the Jews.  Other nations drive out millions of people and there is no refugee problem.  Russia did it;  Poland and Czechoslovakia did it;  Turkey drove out a million Greeks,  Indonesia countless Chinese–and no one says a word about refugees.  But in the case of Israel, the displaced Arabs are eternal refugees and Israel must take everyone of them back.

Other nations, when they win a war, dictate the peace.  When Israel wins a war they must sue for peace.  Other nations, when they lose a war, survive and recover.   If Israel loses, they are wiped off the map and no one lifts a finger.  Yet, Israel is America’s truest, most reliable, unconditional ally, and we do not seem to realize how vital the survival of Israel is to America and the West in general.

Hoffer closed by saying that he had a premonition that would not leave him:  As it goes with Israel, so it will go with all of us.  Should Israel perish a new holocaust will be upon us.

Hoffer lacked the pedigree of a John Kerry or the stature or a James Baker or, thankfully, the silliness of Barack Obama.   He was ever so much wiser and, thus, chose to stand with Israel which makes him greater than any of these.  And he would not be intimidated by any of them.  I am hopeful our representatives in Congress and the Senate will manifest this kind of steel and wisdom.  But I am not holding my breath.

I believe God raised us up as a Second Chosen People to stand with the First Chosen.  I do not know how else one explains the amazing accomplishments of the American People.   But our great nation is failing in no small measure because we are not standing with the First Chosen.   God help us and the Children of Israel!


George Will on Ken Buck and other Conservatives

My wife and I heard George Will speak at the University of Illinois in Champaign on the evening of March 31, 1995.  This is Dr. Will’s home town where he grew up after World War II.  His father was a respected professor of philosophy  at the University.

Some persons are bookish and bright, some bookish and brilliant.   George Will is the latter and one of the most gifted writers one has the privilege of following.    In a May 3rd Newsweek column  he devotes 100 of his 700 words to the GOP U.S. Senate race in CO.  The highlighted quote speaks of the grassroots conservatives in Colorado rebelling against what they call “grass tops” Republicans here in the Centennial State. 

One can tell that Will has done his homework for he notes how conservatives are rallying to District Attorney, Ken Buck.   Meanwhile, Jane Norton, endorsed by John McCain who took only 18% in the 2008 CO Caucuses, is choosing to get on  the August 10 ballot by petition.   George rightly discerns that her campaign fears that at the May 22nd nominating assembly they may not even reach the 30% threshold for ballot access.

The central theme of the George Will essay is that conservatives from California to Utah to Arizona to Colorado to Indiana to Florida are rising up and may take down candidates favored by party leaders.   I give you John McCain’s endorsement of Jane Norton.   He goes on to note that some commentators who do not wish conservatives well speak of the Nortons of Colorado and the Charlie Crists of Florida as “responsible” Republicans.    These are GOP members who play well with the Democrats–“Grass Tops” rather than Grassroots.   Moderates rather than Reagan Conservatives.

This is not a time for playing well with Democrats.   We have elected what many believe to be the most radical President in the nation’s history.   The Far Left is pushing an agenda very dangerous to our liberties.   No, it is not time to play well but rather to win big with  ideals once held to by Democrats like Jack Kennedy–lower taxes and stronger vigilance in national defense.   Rather hard for me to hear President Kennedy calling an AZ attempt to protect themselves dangerous and wrong headed.  Tell that to the family of a murdered rancher.    Kennedy nearly died defending our nation during WWII.   I think he would defend our southern border.

A friend recently pointed me to Isaiah 50:4, “The Lord, the Eternal, has given me a well-trained teacher that I may rightly answer the ungodly.”  Moffatt’s Translation   Dr. George Will, Ph.D. in political science from Princeton, both bookish and brilliant (and a baseball fan besides) is such a teacher.  May we join him in rightly discerning these times.   May we have steel in our backbones and fearlessness of spirit as we confidently elect true Conservatives like Ken Buck to the helm of state.