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An Ideological Sea Change

The McLaughlin Group has been a staple in our home since the winter of 1984.   It began on January 1, 1982.   Host John McLaughlin has never missed a program.   That must be some sort of record.   The early panelists were Pat Buchanan, Robert Novak, Jack Germond (my personal favorite and a member of a vanishing breed, the thinking liberal), Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke.   Of these Pat Buchanan alone remains on the show.   The second chair is now occupied by Eleanor Clift, the most predictable and annoying of the members.   Another regular is billionaire Mort Zuckerman.   John naturally turns to him on financial matters.   Eleanor often butts in on every one’s comments including Mr. Zuckerman’s.  He properly tells here to pipe down as an amateur on such things.

The rough and tumble of McLaughlin was new in 1982.   President Ronald Reagan called the program a “political version of Animal House.”  There have been other programs like it since such as Capital Gang but McLaughlin was the first and it alone remains.

On Friday, July 16, the program dealt with our massive debt.   Pat Buchanan said this will send us over the cliff and soon.   Predictably Eleanor Clift said we have to keep spending to get out of this, that it is Bush’s fault (have never heard that before–have you?) and that Bill Clinton had it right.   She failed to note that Clinton said there would be deficits as far as the eye could see until the Republicans took over both chambers in 1994 and balanced the budget.   Mr. Slick Willy then took credit for the Republican efforts with no sign of a red face but a prominent Pinocchio nose.  Billionaire Mort told her that Pat was right and that this now belongs to President Obama.   Whatever responsibility Bush has is in the past;   Obama owns this now.

What to do?   There is a solid group of young Republicans emerging in the House of Representatives who think big.   The most impressive is Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.   When Obama finally let the Republicans into his “transparent” Health Care debate he argued with many of the GOP members but not Paul Ryan.   Why?   Because Ryan knew Obamacare far better than the President including its many flaws.   The man from Wisconsin also had an alternative.   But when the Wisconsin Congressman’s time was up, Obama immediately, without comment, turned it back to the amateurs–the Democrat Donkeys.   The President knew a professional like Ryan would back him into a corner so he passed.   Sort of like voting “Present” back in his days as a Chicago State Representative in Springfield, IL.

Fred Barnes outlines Ryan’s plans in the July 19, Weekly Standard.  The Ryan Road Map essentially allows individuals to make decisions on Medicare and with part of their Social Security accounts.   Since FDR’s Big Government take overs followed by BHO’s it is quite a concept to let individuals decide for themselves.   And it carries some risk as change always does.   But it was done as recently as Ronald Reagan with his big tax cuts and greater personal responsibility.   It happened again in the 90’s when Republicans dragged Bill Clinton kicking and screaming into welfare reform.

The Barnes’ article outlines Ryan’s 87 page “Road Map for America’s Future” as follows:   Everyone would have a refundable tax credit to buy health insurance, persons could choose to carve out some of their Social Security for private accounts, and income tax rates would be reduced and simplified for individuals and for corporations.  The Democrat reaction?  Gnashing of teeth and demagoguery.   Why?   More freedom and less power for Pelosi, Reid and the President.   But the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has run the numbers and Ryan’s Road Map makes Social Security and Medicare permanently solvent.   Who does not want that?    DEMOCRATS.   This is why they must be defeated in 2010, 2012 and beyond.

Fred notes one more thing that a Road Map does–it gives the GOP an agenda to run on not unlike the 1994 Contract For America when they swept the Democrats out  for the first time in 40 years.   And this is an ideal time for this Road Map as Obama so misread his election as an embrace of the Far Left.    This is also why we are backing Ken Buck for the U.S. Senate and Cory Gardner for the 4th District here in CO and supporting Bill Brady for Governor of Obama’s state of IL and other Conservatives across the land. They all share Ryan’s vision.  There can and must be an ideological sea change.  Join us for our children and grandchildren.   It can be “Morning in America” all over again.