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Iran versus Israel

Frederick the Great of Prussia  (1712-1786) asked one of his priests to prove the Bible is true with one word.   With great insight the priest answered:  “The Jew, Your Majesty.   The Jew.”   The clergyman was exactly right.   No other people have been so abused, lived so long without a homeland (2,000 years), have so suffered and yet have remained the identifiable Chosen of God.

Any nation that has attacked the apple of God’s eye eventually suffers His judgement.    The ancient Assyrians conquered Israel in  723 B.C.  Their empire fell to the Babylonians (modern Iraq) who sacked Jerusalem in  586 B.C.  They too carried Jews into their territory.   In turn they were conquered by the Persians (modern Iran and Iranians are not Arabs but Persians) in  539 B.C.  In 479 B.C. a Jewish woman, Esther, for whom the Old Testament book is named, became Queen of Persia.    

Persia had a version of Hitler named Haman, their Prime Minister, who hated the Jews and wished to wipe them from the face of the earth.    His plan was to hang a leading Jew,  Mordecai, cousin to Queen Esther.   He even had the gallows built for the purpose of killing Mordecai whom he hated.   His plot was exposed, and in an ironic twist of history, Haman himself was hanged on those very gallows.

Persia later fell to Alexander the Great and the Greeks who, in turn, were conquered by the greatest Empire, Rome.   The Romans saw to the crucifixion of Christ and sacked Jerusalem and destroyed The Temple in 70 A.D.  Today the Roman Empire is in the dust bin of history.   Even the language of the Empire, Latin, is dead.   God is not mocked!

In modern history, Hitler saw to the death of 6 million Jews.   He said his regime, The Third Reich, would last a thousand years.   It lasted thirteen.   After W.W. II a great American President, Harry Truman, signed the establishment of modern Israel.  For the first time since the days of Rome the Hebrew people returned to their own home.    

The old U.S.S.R. is gone now.   They sided with the Arabs over Israel.    Another great American President, Ronald Reagan, said the Soviet Union will crack if we build our military to a point they cannot compete.   Twenty three months after President Reagan left office the Russian Empire sued for peace.    The press praised Gorbacev for this.   Nonsense.    Ronald Reagan was the architect but did not care who got the credit when right prevailed.

There is a pattern here that prevails today as well.   Nations that attack Israel eventually fall.  Nations that stand with Israel stand.   God is still in charge.    In our day Israel is threatened by an Iranian regime that denies the Holocaust and is rapidly developing nuclear weapons for the expressed purpose of destroying Israel.  Their radical leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, vows the destruction of Israel as did Haman, as did Hitler.   

The brilliant George Will addressed what modern Israel faces in his August 15 column.   It is unfortunate that President Obama does not seem to understand any of this.   Israel has the right Prime Minister for this moment in Benjamin Netanyahu.    Recently Obama had a State Dinner for the President of Mexico.   For Netanyahu there was no State Dinner and, in fact, our President left the Israeli Prime Minister cooling his heels while Obama went to dinner.  This was not only diplomatically clumsy, it was stupid as well.

Perhaps this is not totally surprising for a man who, for twenty years, sat under the preaching of a radical bigot named Jeremiah Wright.   Curiously, evangelical Jimmy Carter suffers with this same tin ear toward Israel.   The former President, as a student of Scripture,  ought to know better.   But I think it no accident that under Carter in the past and currently with Obama our nation is suffering economic and social reversals.   God is not mocked.    Perhaps this is another example of the great chasm between the two Parties.  

The one Democrat who stands with Israel, Joe Lieberman, was basically kicked out of the Party and is now an Independent.    Republicans back Israel as do most other Americans.     This election let us send many more Conservative Republicans like Ken Buck to Congress and men like Bill Brady of IL to the governorships.   And in 2012 let us elect a grown up to the White House–someone with a sense of history and propriety.   Someone with the good sense to know that it is critical that we stand with Israel.

Charles Breasted (1865-1935) was a master historian who was asked toward the end of his career to write a book on all the things he had learned from a lifetime of studying history.   He said he did not need a book;  that he could sum it up in four sentences:   “The bee pollinates the flower it robs.  The mills of the gods grind slowly but they grind exceedingly fine.   God does not settle all His accounts every Saturday night.   But God settles all His accounts.”    I do not wish our young people, children and grandchildren to wind up in the dust bin of history.   Do you?   God is not mocked!