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In 1956, Adlai Stevenson faced President Eisenhower for the second time in a run for the White House.   Like the first campaign, Stevenson lost in a landslide.  After he said, “I am too old to cry, but it hurts too much to laugh.”   Our candidate for the U.S. Senate from CO did not prevail and it hurts.   The difference is the race here was very close which makes it more painful.

I have written political commentary off and on for 40 years.  We were closely involved in the Buck vs. Bennet race.    I have not seen a candidate work so hard as Ken Buck did.   Last week in a single day he moved from Northeast CO to the Arkansas Valley with stops all along the way.   The next day Mr. Buck worked his way north, finishing in the Denver area with several Metro rallies.   For the past two months our District Attorney accepted no salary as he was on the road campaigning.   This is quite a sacrifice.   He also had a fine team of volunteers who tirelessly phoned, walked in parades, knocked on doors, wrote editorials, posted blogs and, yes, prayed for the candidate and the campaign. 

One moment seemed particularly poignant in the months of this Senate race.   It was the final debate, October 22, 2010.   One of the moderators asked about abortion.   Ken Buck said he stood for life, God bless him.   Michael Bennet indicated he wanted his own daughters to have the right to choose.    Carried to a logical conclusion, our newly minted Senator, without batting an eye, was saying he was quite willing to have a grandchild sacrificed on the altar of abortion.

About 45 years ago a new cigarette was introduced especially for women.   The brand was Virginia Slims.   Their theme line was:   “You’ve come a long way, baby.”    Our nation has come a long way since 1973 and Roe vs. Wade.   The late Byron White is perhaps the greatest athlete ever who was a native of CO.  Born in Fort Collins and raised in Wellington he was a scholar athlete at the U of Colorado and later played in the NFL.  He was a member of the 1930’s all Decade team.   He was named to the Supreme Court by John Kennedy in 1962 and remains the Coloradan who rose highest in our Federal System.

The very gifted Justice White said of Roe v Wade, “This decision is an embarrasment to sound legal thinking.”   Amen!  Like Virginia Slims we have come a long way, baby–a long way toward our own national destruction.   Romans, Chapter 1, describes the downward descent of a sick society.   The last verse, Romans 1:32, reads, “. . . they not only do these very things, but also approve of those who practice them.”

It was at the Battle of Bull Run, 20 miles SW of Washington, D.C. on July 21, 1861, that General T.J. Jackson won the sobriquet of  “Stonewall.”   Union General Irvin McDowell was pushing the Confederates back, but Robert E. Lee would note that one of his generals, Jackson, was standing like a stonewall.   Because Jackson stood tall the South prevailed in the Battle of Bull Run.

God has not given up on us.   He is still raising up men who stand on principle like a stonewall.   Ken Buck is such a man.  While he did not prevail in the Senate race he still stands tall.   My wife and I are proud to have been part of his campaign.   Proud of Ken and Perry, their family and the campaign they ran.   As PBS commentator, Mark Shields, is fond of saying, “Politics ain’t bean bag.”    Indeed it is rough and tumble but it can be run without darkness and distortion. 

A farmer approached a college president and asked if his son, about to enter the university, had to attend all four years.   “Can’t he finish in a semester instead?” inquired the farmer father.    The college president said, “It depends on what you want your son to be.   You can grow a squash in a semester but it takes a hundred years to grow an oak tree.   We are seeking to turn out oaks here at our university.”

Ken Buck is an oak.    And he is a man whose life and career honor God.   Despite the hard work by the candidate and the many volunteers, the Senate door did not open.   God then has another plan for him.   And because it is of God it will be something greater than the United States Senate.  Thank you, Ken Buck.   Job well and honorably done.