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Bennet’s Senate

According to a Wednesday, March 3, Denver Post article, Senator Michael Bennet, Democrat of Colorado, is making five proposals to the United States Senate.   These include eliminating anonymous holds, banning private sector earmarks, freezing pay and budgets for members of Congress, barring lawmakers from lobbying for life, and reducing the number  to overcome a filibuster to 55 votes. 

Some items in the package are quite bold especially for one known in these parts as “The Invisible Man.”   Is he in a primary fight?    Is there an election in November?   His normally timid spirit is understandable as he is a former school superintendent.   Superintendents today, with  few  exceptions,  fear their own shadows lest they be sued or cause a protest or even a riot.   Bennet brought this non-assertiveness to his Senate office.

Having opened the door with these proposals let us help Michael along.    Let us see to it that come January 2011 he never again has to worry about lobbying or persons lobbying him.   No need to freeze his pay or budget as he will have none from a Senate role.  The 55 vote filibuster rule may be worth exploring as long as one of those 55 is a Republican from Colorado and the GOP has at least 51 members in the Senate.   Then our average Joe, VP, will not have to break any ties.

Yes, siree.   Let us help Bennet make these changes by changing U.S. Senators from CO.   And let’s make sure that we do not simply go Democrat Light with an Establishment Republican.  It is time for grassroots conservative leadership so let’s go for a man who will BUCK traffic and who will save the tax payers big BUCKs by lowering taxes and stopping the Donkey stampede of ruinous spending.   Let’s elect a man who knows the BUCK stops here.   Let’s really caucus for change on March 16.    See you there.